Seventh Wave

is a single PRIVATE

      recording studio

located in central Pennsylvania.

We cater to artists 
           from around the world
      with higher  expectations of fidelity
                        and attention.


Seventh Wave pics-10.jpg
We are one of the few
music production facilities around.
Drawing on counterculture perspectives, constantly challenged identities, and a drive to carve out a space for queer peoples in the music industry, Seventh Wave is a driving force behind the flourishing LGBT music scene surrounding all of us everywhere. Having always stood with marginalized opinions, an amplifier for silenced voices, and a safe space for all peoples, Seventh Wave is the premiere location for queer musicians to be heard.

Taylor KouqJ Bull


Studio Manager and Tzar of Seventh Wave, KouqJ spends her life on the premises.


With musical origins in punk rock, KouqJ's attraction to how sound works began on electric bass, and expanded into records and every aspect of production. Obsessed over every particular detail of records from the ground up, and a penchant for raw, dirty, experimental, and unconventional music, her records are uncompromising.

 A lot can be told about someone based off their record collection, and with vinyl from Stravinsky to Sonic Youth and a lot in between, there is nothing off the table when it comes to your record.


No one will ever care more about your music.


Kevin Kennedy


Young blooded and hungry, Kevin is the fresh bearded face of Seventh Wave. Trained at Academy for Media Production, Kevin has tirelessly engineered and worked on numerous records in the Seventh Wave halls.

Seventh Wave pics-72.jpg

Jesse S. Kaufmann


She’s here. She’s queer. She’s a mastering engineer. Hailing from the halls of KouqJ’s alma mater, Lebanon Valley College, Jesse has been making music since she was a little boy. Whether it is grimy folk punk or shimmering shoegaze, Jesse uses her keen ear to sharpen and polish any project. With her, your musical brainchild is in capable hands.